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Application Checklist

  • Follow the steps below to submit your NJCU application.  Please note that steps 2 through 6 can be completed after application due dates and after the application has been filed.

    1. Submit your application and pay your $50 application fee. 

    2. Official High School Transcript or GED Scores

      You need to forward us your official transcripts.  International student applicants who have graduated high school in foreign countries must have their transcripts evaluated (Document by Document Report) by a foreign credit evaluation agency that is a member of NACES (National Council of Credential Evaluation Services) 

    3. Letters of Recommendation

      You must submit 2 letters of recommendation from your high school guidance counselor, teachers, or principal regarding your character and readiness to undertake college-level work.  Adult students may substitute a resume. 

    4. Personal Essay

      You have the opportunity to explain your aspirations and motivations for attending NJCU in a thoughtful essay (250 word minimum).

    5. Official Copy of SAT or ACT Scores

      You need to forward us an official copy of your test scores.  Applicants aged 25 and older or those who have graduated high school more than five years ago are not required to submit test scores, but may do so at their discretion.

    6. Official College Transcripts

      Only those students who have attended college must submit a college transcript.