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  • Dr. Karen Morgan Ivy to Deliver Prestigious David Blackwell Lecture at 2013 MAA Mathfest

    Dr. Karen Morgan Ivy of Maplewood, an associate professor of mathematics at New Jersey City University, has been invited to deliver the National Association of Mathematicians’ prestigious David Blackwell Lecture at the 2013 Mathematical Association of America (MAA) MathFest, the largest annual summer gathering of mathematicians from throughout the country, July 31 through August 3 at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford.

    Dr. Morgan Ivy will speak on “Bridging a Gap between Creative Literacy and Quantitative Literacy: Using Poetry to Improve Quantitative Reasoning,” an address that will explore how teaching mathematics with poetry addresses quantitative reasoning and improves students’ quantitative literacy.

    Named in memory of the statistician and pioneer in game theory who was the first African-American scholar inducted into the National Academy of Sciences, the annual David Blackwell Lecture has been one of MathFest’s featured invited addresses since 1994.

    A mathematician, educator, and poet, Dr. Morgan Ivy joined the NJCU faculty in 2005 and teaches both undergraduate and graduate mathematics courses. Dr. Morgan Ivy serves as co-director of NJCU’s largest grant to date, “Opening the Gate: Improving Mathematics Success for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) Careers,” and was recently elected president of both the University Senate and NJCU’s Black Administrators, Alumni, Faculty, Staff, and Student Organization.

    Dr. Morgan Ivy’s current research interests include affective dimensions of mathematics anxiety through student poetry; pre-service elementary teachers’ conceptualization of regrouping and placement value using base n arithmetic; the connection between mathematics memories and feelings toward mathematics; integrative learning; and the connection between general education and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) disciplines, especially mathematics.

    A member of the MAA’s Committee for the Teaching of Undergraduate Mathematics, Committee on Minority Participation in Mathematics, and Committee on the Mathematical Education of Teachers, Dr. Morgan Ivy serves on the executive board of the New Jersey Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators and is a member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, National Association of Mathematicians, School Science and Mathematics Association, and Association of Mathematics Teachers of New Jersey. Dr. Morgan Ivy served on the steering committee for the 2012 Infinite Possibilities Conference, a national initiative designed to promote, educate, encourage, and support minority women interested in mathematics and statistics.
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