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Walter Glospie Academy of American Poets Prize

  • Beginning in spring 2005 the English Department of New Jersey City University began sponsoring the Walter Glospie Academy of American Poets Prize that is awarded to undergraduates in colleges and universities. Our university submitted an Endowment Pledge Form and check for $2,500 to guarantee permanent membership in the awards program. Dr. Walter Glospie (1952-2002), an alumnus of NJCU and Associate Professor in the English Department, was deeply committed to our University community.

    The Academy states that the prize began in 1955 “as part of its mission to support poets at all stages of their careers.” It was established “at ten schools to recognize and encourage the talent of emerging poets. Among the first to receive an award was Sylvia Plath while she was a senior at Smith College.” Some other reputable poets who have been winners are Toi Derricotte, Mark Doty, Jorie Graham, Kimiko Hahn, Joy Harjo, Robert Hass, Li-Young Lee, Mark Strand, and Charles Wright. As of fall 2008, The Academy sponsors over 200 annual prizes for poetry at colleges and universities.

    Previous Winners

    2006 Shakira C. Syed, “poetry evolved so that it could be said” and Elizabeth Bowman, “Today”
        Honorable Mention: Melron Jackson, “Skin” and Andre Bermudez, “Lunes”
        Judge: Mary Loving Blanchard

    2007 Josue Rodriguez, “At the coax of dream breath’s dysrhythmia”
        Judge: Michael Rotenberg-Schwartz

    2008 Angel Eduardo, “Memoracle” and Amanda Rice, “Beauty” 
        Honorable Mention: Earl M. Davis Jr., “High Time with God’s First Favorite”
        Judge: Mark Tursi

    2009 Julia Russo, "Vernal Pools" and Maureen Ziznewski, "Before Cornflakes and Coffee"
        Judge: Sharon Lattig

    2010 Krystal Anada Sital, "We set our tables"
        Honorable Mention: Nicole Contreras," Language as Play"
        Judge: Matthew Reiter

    2011 Geraldine Lopez, "An Alchemist's Affair" and Jennifer-Leigh Oprihory," How to Lovea Phoenix"
        Judge: Jason Mohaghegh