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Scholarships and Naming Opportunities

  • Annual and Endowed Scholarship Giving

    Annual and endowed scholarship giving enables you to create or donate to an existing scholarship fund and make a profound impact on the life of an NJCU student.

    Scholarships offered through the NJCU Foundation allow the University to expand and balance its financial aid program by offering both need-based and merit-based awards for academically-qualified students. Currently there are 63 NJCU Foundation scholarships, half of which are permanently endowed scholarships and half of which are annual scholarships.

    Scholarship Naming Opportunities

    When making a gift to support scholarships, donors may choose to establish a new endowed scholarship, add to an existing scholarship fund (annual or endowed), commit to provide a yearly gift to create an annual scholarship, or make one-time or periodic scholarship provision for students. Endowed scholarships are permanent funds, named in honor or in memory of the donor, and can be established for a minimum gift of $25,000. Annual scholarships are established with a minimum yearly gift of $1,000.

    NJCU Foundation Scholarships

    - List of scholarships HERE

    NJCU Foundation Awards

    • Frank J. Guarini Leadership Award
    • Hart Annual Award
    • Prentice Whitlock Endowed Math Award
    • Ziccardi Annual Art Award
    • Drew Award

    Learn More about Foundation Scholarships

    For more information about the purpose and criteria of a particular Foundation scholarship, please visit Financial Aid.