Policies and Procedures: Bulk Email

  • NJCU Bulk Email Approval Procedures and Policies

    The Office of Information Technology has created a listserv to send emails for the purpose of facilitating communications with all staff and faculty. To ensure that communications are effectively distributed and relevant, the Division of University Advancement has been charged with reviewing and approving communications before delivery to the staff listserv. The following are the procedures and policies for bulk email.

    Authorizations and Approvals
    Authorization to send bulk email will follow the following guidelines:
    Local Authority
    Vice Presidents and/or their designees are authorized to send messages to their respective listservs without any further approvals.
    Official University Announcements
    Any faculty or staff member who wishes to send bulk email to all staff and faculty via the staff listserv for matters of University business may do so through the following process:
    • All such emails must be first routed through their respective vice president;
    • In turn, the vice president will either deny such a request or;
    • Approve and forward the email to the staff@njcu.edu listserv;
    • All such emails will then be reviewed and approved by the Division of University Advancement. 
    The following is a list of administrative personnel approved to send to the faculty and staff listservs with the approval of the Division for University Advancement:
    President’s Office 
    • Dr. Sue Henderson
    • Virginia Melendez
    Vice Presidents
    • Dr. Aaron Aska
    • Dan Elwell
    On Behalf of the Vice Presidents 
    • Anna Palermo
    • Suzanne Cascone
    • Jennifer Brower


    The Office of the President 

    The Office of the President can send to the staff listserv without any approvals.
    The following individuals are approved to send emails directly to the staff listserv in the event of an emergency:
    Critical Incident Response Team and Public Safety 
    • Demond Hargrove
    • Franca Kirsh 
    Information Technology
    • Phyllis Szani 
    News at NJCU 
    News releases developed by the Office of Communications and the Office of Public Information and Community Relations will continue to be sent to the staff listserv.
    The purpose of this guideline is to instruct users on appropriate use of bulk email and to provide recommendations on how to properly send bulk email messages in order to reduce recipient complaints and confusion, reinforce network security best practice, and effectively and efficiently utilize campus resources.
    Distribution of email messages to the staff listserv requires:
    • Identification of the target audience for the message.
    • Arranging distribution with the appropriate sender/s of bulk email.
    • Approval of the message (as discussed below).
    Bulk email, by definition, is unsolicited email sent quickly in large quantities, and is recognized as an efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly use of technology for facilitating communication within NJCU. Bulk email messages can be sent to all NJCU faculty and staff via the staff listserv: staff@njcu.edu. The potential misuse of bulk email is also recognized. The following guidelines cover the appropriate use of bulk email at NJCU, and when necessary, the approval to send bulk emails to the staff listserv.
    Background Issues:
    Guidelines and Criteria
    Generally speaking, bulk email is appropriate for:
    • Messages that directly relate to carrying out the business of the University.
    • Messages that relate to changes in University policy or time sensitive issues.
    • Messages that inform faculty and staff of an announcement or event related to their specific role within the University. 
    Announcements that do not meet this criteria of urgency and/or critical University information, should seek other methods of relaying their information, such as the University web calendar, the Gothic Portal, This Month, Around Campus e-calendar, and other campus listservs.
    Inappropriate use of bulk email includes, but is not limited to:
    • Messages that are not in line with the mission of the University
    • Messages that are personal in nature
    • Messages that are commercial in nature with the exception of those messages that are in support of University business and are approved by the stipulations defined in this policy. 
    Sending Bulk Email
    To promote institutional operating efficiency and network security, the following guidelines are intended to prevent degrading of email services during working hours:
    • A bulk message should be brief, self-explanatory, clear, and concise, and should only be used for important messages relevant to all recipients.
    • Avoid sending frequent or repeated messages. Bi-weekly or monthly electronic newsletters are preferred.
    • Send collaborative messages with others at the University to avoid redundancy.
    • Avoid sending attachments as they take up more disk space and degrade server performance. A link to a website (URL) or a document sharing solution is preferred. If it is necessary to send attachments, the total message size should be under 1 MB.
    • Bulk email must NOT be used for commercial advertisement purposes. Examples include: 
      • Commercial advertising for merchants or service providers external to the University, except for notices of services and discounts arranged for members of the University community by the University.
      • Solicitations for contributions, charities, or participation in personal activities not related to University purposes or not sponsored by the University.
      • Solicitations for non-University businesses operated by University faculty or staff.
      • Offensive material.
    Revision Date: November 2014