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Undecided Majors

  • Undeclared student have the opportunity to be advised and registered at the University Advisement Center.

    Students are assigned an advisor based on Intended Major. They are:

    Art, Music, Dance, and Theatre, Media Arts Mr. Matthew Lahm
    College of Education    Ms. Lorena Laverde

    School of Business 

    Mr. George Marano

    Mr. Joseph Falco

    S.T.E.M. (Biology, Chemistry, Geoscience, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science)

    Ms. Leah Jackson

    Political Science, Psychology, Sociology

    Ms. Daysi Romero

    Criminal Justice, Fire Science, Health Sciences, Professional Security

    Ms. Naomi Wright

    English, History, Philosophy, Spanish, Women & Gender

    Ms. Kathleen Banks



    You may schedule an appointment in-person or by calling the phone number that corresponds with the spelling of your last name:

    A-L     201-200-3300

    M-Z    201-200-3422

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding advisement and registration, please contact the University Advisement Center at 201-200-3300 or 201-200-3422.