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NJCU Publications

  • NJCU publications are an expression of our academic strength. The University actively produces a broad range of printed and digital academic publications that run the gamut from biannual university communiqués to monthly magazines to unique academic journals and works of NJCU academic scholarship.

    NJCU Academic Publications

    Academic journals and publications cover myriad academic disciplines within the New Jersey City University academic community.

    Academic Forum
    Published by the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Academic Forum features creative, scholarly, and research works by NJCU faculty, professional staff, and students.

    Journal of the Imagination in Language Learning
    This publication is dedicated to the role of imagination in the acquisition of first and subsequent languages at all levels.

    Transformations Journal
    The semi-annual, peer-reviewed Transformations journal is an interdisciplinary forum for pedagogical scholarship that explores intersections of identities, power, and social justice.

    This student journal of creative writing features poetry, short fiction, prose, and creative non-fiction.

    University Publications

    NJCU University publications reflect ideas and creative expression at the administrative level, capturing in print and online NJCU’s achievements and creativity.

    President's Biennial Report
    Every two years, NJCU’s President publishes this comprehensive report covering virtually every aspect of University academics, advancement, student affairs, finance & administration, and vision for the future.

    Gothic Magazine
    Gothic, the official magazine of New Jersey City University, is published annually and has a circulation of 35,000, most of whom are alumni. The magazine contains pieces about major University initiatives, feature stories, and updates on members of the University community.

    Honor Roll of Donors
    The Honor Roll chronicles charitable donations made to the University.

    Year in Review
    The Year in Review reports the activities and accomplishments of the Division of University Advancement.

    Jersey City: Past and Present 
    A digital project of New Jersey City University, this project traces Jersey City and its history in words and images. 

    NJCU is proud of its academic and university publications, a true expression of our lively, intellectually stimulating community.