Coordinating Committee

  • Coordinating Committee Members 

    The Vice President for Academic Affairs oversees the PRR preparation process.  A call for volunteers to serve on the coordinating committee was placed near the end of Spring 2013.  The members of the committee are:

    • Jocelyn Castillo, Special Projects Librarian
    • Matthew Caulfield, Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education, AFT Representative
    • Kimberly Dudas, Assistant Professor, Nursing
    • Sue Gerber, Executive Director, Institutional Effectiveness
    • Miriam Laria, Registrar
    • Marilyn Maye, Associate Professor, Educational Leadership
    • Robert McBride, Associate Vice President, Administration
    • Francis Moran, Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
    • Joseph Moskowitz, Professor, Political Science
    • Michael Rotenberg-Schwartz, Assistant Professor, English
    • Ira Thor, Director of Sports Information


    The Coordinating Committee is charged with coordinating preparation of the PRR due to Middle States by June 1, 2015.  Specifically, the committee will gather information from departments, committees, and individuals; organize and analyze the information; and write summaries of the analyses.  The Coordinating Committee will also, through appropriate channels, keep the University community informed of progress on the PRR and seek input, as necessary and useful.