PRR Guidelines

  • Components of the Periodic Review Report 

    The PRR Coordinating Committee gathers and analyzes information for the components of the PRR:

    1. Executive Summary
    2. Recommendations
      - Summary description of responses to recommendations made by NJCU and the MSCHE evaluators in the 2010 Self-Study, and to Commission actions
    3. Challenges/opportunities
      - Narrative identifying major challenges and/or current opportunities
    4. Enrollment and finance trends and projections
      - Analysis of enrollment and financial data for the strategic plan period, including enrollment and fiscal trends from previous three years
    5. Assessment of institutional effectiveness and student learning
      - Evidence of sustained and organized processes to assess institutional effectiveness and student learning
    6. Planning and budget
      - Evidence of links between planning and budgeting
    7. HEOA (Higher Education Opportunity Act) documentation
      - Distance education identity verification, transfer of credit, Title IV cohort default rate, credit hour

    For more information, see the MSCHE Handbook for Periodic Review Reports and the Verification of Compliance with Accreditation-Relevant Federal Regulations  

    Recommendations (Component #2) 

    NJCU included several recommendations in the Self-Study, and the MSCHE evaluators issued a small number of additional recommendations based on the team visit (report available on GothicNet).  These recommendations comprise the following areas: Assessment, Budget, Faculty and Staff, General Education, Human Resources, Recruitment/Enrollment, Strategic Planning, Student Support, Technology, and Transparency/Communication.

    As part of its charge, the Coordinating Committee will meet with appropriate individuals, committees, and departments to gather information related to these recommendations.