Copying a File to a Floppy Disk

These instructions will tell you how to copy an individual file from the "My Documents" folder on the computers hard drive to a floppy disk.

    1. Turn on the computer and wait until you see the desktop (if the computer is already running, close all applications, files and folders until you see the desktop).
    2. The desktop will appear.
    3. Place an IBM or PC formatted floppy disk into the floppy disk drive of the computer.
    4. With the left mouse button double click the "My Computer" icon (If you know your file is somewhere other than in the folder named "My Documents", navigate to the folder that has the file you want to copy. Once you see the file, go to step number 10 and continue following the instructions).

Steps 5 through 9 are an example of how to navigate a computers folder/file structure.

Your folder/file structure may be different than this example.

5. The window showing the contents of "My Computer" will appear.

6. With the left mouse button double click the icon labeled "C:" (it may have any name under it as an icon title).


7. The window showing the contents of the "C:" drive will appear.

8. With the left mouse button double click the "My Documents" folder. Or, if the folder is not visible, click the down arrow on the scroll bar until you see it. If the folder is not there, for the purpose of instruction, open a folder with a file of your choice and copy it to your floppy disk.

9. The window showing the contents of the "My Documents" folder will appear.

10. With the RIGHT mouse button SINGLE click the icon of the file you want to copy to the floppy disk.

    1. A menu will appear.
    2. With your mouse, scroll down the menu to the option "Send To", without clicking the mouse button.
    3. A second menu will appear to the right of the first menu. Keep your cursor within the highlighted "Send To" option bar and move the cursor to the option titled "3 Floppy (A)" and click the LEFT mouse button.

14. The "Flying Pages" progress dialog box will appear indicating that the file is being copied to the floppy disk.


15. Copying the file is completed when the "Flying Pages" progress dialog box disappears.

Tips: You may follow instructions 10 through 15 using a folder instead of a file. This will copy all the files in that folder to the floppy disk.