Assessment Office

  • Assessment is part of the teaching and learning process and is fundamental to both continuous improvement and accountability.  Assessment permits evidence-based decision making to improve student outcomes and is a key aspect of mission and vision.   

    The mission of the Assessment Office is to develop a community of practice around assessment for evidence-based decision making, continuous improvement of learning experiences and outcomes, and accountability to constituents. To this end, the Office will:

    • Lead, support, and coordinate student learning outcomes assessment at the disciplinary program, general education, and institutional levels.
    • Support faculty in course-level assessment activities for continuous improvement.
    • Support and coordinate regional and professional accreditation activities and compliance requirements.
    • Promote assessment-related and data-related education of faculty and staff to attain best practices and rigor in assessment.
    • Analyze data and communicate information regarding assessment processes and outcomes.
    • Promote the use of assessment results in developing and implementing action plans and resource and planning decision-making.
    • Support development and maintenance of a body of evidence related to institutional effectiveness.
    • Support program review processes.
    • Promote coordination of, collaboration in, and transparency around data and assessment.
    • Collaborate and consult in the design and implementation of assessment and evaluation research and grant projects.