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Design & Craft

  • Jewelry/Metals 

    The jewelry/metals studio has modern facilities that are designed to meet diverse needs. The four room studio is complete with, rolling mills, stakes and hammers, drill presses, sheers, hydraulic press, lathe, grinding and sanding tools, sandblaster, tumblers, kilns, power saws, and polishing machines. A centralized ventilation system creates a safe working environment for students to pursue casting (centrifugal and vacuum), anodizing, and etching. The soldering stations include acetylene and oxygen/ acetylene torches. The studio also offers students the opportunity to design and create work using CAD/CAM technologies.

    The ceramics studio area is composed of a large main studio, a large ?wet room? with 25 movable ware carts, a kiln room, a graduate studio, dry materials storage/clay mixing room with a large clay mixing machine. The main studio has two large glass garage doors that open into a beautiful courtyard for doing outside work. The main studio is equipped with 4 large worktables. a Bailey Slab Roller, 4 Randall potters wheels, 7 Bailey potters wheels, a worktable with grinder and clay extruder. The Kiln room is equipped with 5 Bailey model 2927 electric kilns, 1 Bailey model 3648 electric car kiln, 1 Bailey gas kiln model 54 dual car kiln, 1 Bailey gas kiln model 18/12.