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  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Art Degree Program

    The Bachelor of Arts degree is a liberal arts program that provides a strong course of study in art. The Bachelor of Arts program provides a broad academic degree with a specialization in art. It is awarded after successful completion of 58 credits from the Art Department (the BA in Art Therapy program has more extensive requirements), 66 credits from General Studies Program courses, and 4 elective credits. The Bachelor of Arts program is offered in the following Specializations:

    • Art History
    • Art Therapy
    • Communication Design, with concentrations in Illustration, Digital Design, Illustration Design, and Graphic Design 
    • Design & Crafts, with concentrations in Jewelry/Metals and Ceramics  
    • Fine Arts, with concentrations in Drawing/ Painting, Printmaking and Sculpture 
    • Photography 
    •  New Jersey Art Teacher Certification (P–12)
    • Minor in Art 

    Note: The Bachelor of Arts in Art program is currently under review and revision. Please check with the Art Department for the latest curriculum and other degree requirements.