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  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Art Degree Program 

    The Art Department offers students a Bachelor of Fine Arts that requires 83 credits of Art courses. The BFA program is offered in the following Specializations: 

    • Communication Design, with concentrations in Illustration, Digital Design, Illustration Design, and Graphic Design 
    • Design & Crafts, with concentrations in Jewelry/Metals and Ceramics  
    • Fine Arts, with concentrations in Drawing/ Painting, Printmaking and Sculpture 
    • Photography 


    Admission to and retention within the Bachelor of Fine Arts program requires a 2.5 overall cumulative grade point average (CGPA) and a 3.0 CGPA in Art courses. 

    Students wishing to enter the BFA degree program are strongly urged to register their names with the Art Department BFA Coordinator during the first week of their first semester at New Jersey City University for early advisement. BFA candidates must complete the foundation art courses, including required art history courses, before entering the BFA program. 


    Students in the BFA program are required to complete 45 credits in General Studies Program requirements and electives. These include the All-University Requirement (AUR) courses (18 credits) and 27 credits of Area A–F elective courses. BFA students are required to complete three credits in each General Studies Program area (A–F), plus an additional three credits in each of three different areas selected from areas A–F. 

    Students seeking Art Teacher Certification must complete specific courses within the General Studies Program, as required by the State of New Jersey. Students seeking Art Teacher Certification should refer to the Art Teacher Certification program section, below. 


    To be eligible for the BFA degree, the candidate must: 

    1. Pass the BFA Junior Year Portfolio Review: The BFA Junior Portfolio Review is conducted only during fall semesters. To be eligible for the BFA Junior Review, the student must meet the following requirements: 
      • Complete all of the courses in the Foundation Program with a grade of B or above; 
      • Complete at least 64 credits and 12 credits in their art area specialization; 
      • Achieve and maintain a 2.5 CGPA; 
      • Achieve and maintain a 3.0 CGPA in art courses.  
    2. Successfully complete the BFA Mentor Program: A student who successfully completes the BFA Junior Year Portfolio Review selects a full-time faculty member of the Art Department to be her/his mentor. The student works on an individual basis with her/his mentor biweekly until graduation, for a minimum of three semesters. The Mentor Program is designed to give each student an in-depth experience in the creative process, which includes studio work and written/oral components. In addition, student and mentor participate in the BFA Senior Seminar in the student’s final semester, for which the student earns 1 credit. Students are required to submit time sheets, recording their meetings over three semesters with the mentor. 
    3. Pass the BFA Senior Year Faculty Review: At the end of the senior year, students are required to present 25% of their completed work for their exhibitions to a review panel composed of the entire art faculty. The installation of the Senior Exhibition is contingent upon successfully passing this review. 
    4. Complete the BFA Seminar (ART 465): This 1-credit course must be completed during the senior year. See course listing, above. 
    5. Successfully complete the BFA Senior Exhibition: Each student will present his/ or her work, in a professional manner, as either an individual or group exhibition. BFA Senior Exhibitions are hung only during the spring semester of each academic year and are restricted to one of the two Art Department galleries. Students must complete all course work required for graduation during the spring semester of their Senior Exhibition. 

    6. Successfully complete the BFA Thesis Book: Each student is required to complete a BFA Thesis Exhibition Book containing all required work, which includes professional quality slides of their Senior Exhibition/Portfolio.