The Alcohol and Substance Abuse Task Force is an institution wide collaboration under the auspices of the Counseling Center in the Student Affairs Division. Its vision is to educate the NJCU community about the impact of alcohol and substance abuse as it relates to academic and personal success. In order to achieve its vision, ASAP Task Force members have identified the following goals: 
    • Serve as a resource for students.
    • Provide information to students, staff and faculty that fosters a healthy lifestyle.
    • Create a safety net for students, faculty, and administrators regarding alcohol/drug issues.
    • Design and implement programs in collaboration with other University departments.
    • Recommend changes to University policy regarding alcohol and substance abuse.
    • Assess student attitudes, beliefs and values regarding the use of alcohol and other drugs.
    • Measure the outcome of prevention programs and activities.
    • Create an atmosphere in which alcohol use is not the central focus of social events.
    In accordance with the U.S. Department of Education’s Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Regulations, ASAP conducts the required Biennial Review of the program’s activities and accomplishments. Interested members of the NJCU community may view completed reports.