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Biology Major Course Requirements

  • Both the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees require a minimum of 36 semester hours in major courses.*

    The modified degree requirements apply to all students admitted in September 2002 or thereafter. However, students enrolled prior to September 2002 may choose to follow the old degree requirements or the new ones.

    The semester hour requirements are:

    1. Principles of Biology I (130) 4 Credits

    2. Principles of Biology II (131) 4 Credits

    3. Cell Biology (230) 4 Credits

    4. Genetics (304) 4 Credits

    5. Ecology (402) 4 Credits

    6. Biology Seminar (440) 1 Credits

    7. Electives: minimum 15 Credits

    200-level courses: 3–8 Credits
    300-level courses: 3–8 Credits
    400-level courses: 3–8 Credits

    36 Total Minimum Required Credits


    1. Students will not be permitted to enroll for any 200 level or higher course unless their GPA for Principles of Biology I and II is C or better.

    2. The past policy that did not allow for recomputation of major grades has been modified so that students may recompute the Principles of Biology I grade once and the Principles of Biology II grade once.

    3. Credits earned for biology courses more than ten (10) years ago do not satisfy department requirements.

    4. Both Principles of Anatomy I and II must be successfully completed to be accepted for elective credits.

    5. Two Professorial Assistant experiences can be counted as one 400-level elective.

    6. A minimum of 5 Biology major courses must be successfully completed at NJCU.

    *The Bachelor of Science in Health Related Professions (awarded jointly with the University of Medicine and Dentistry) has somewhat different requirements, which can be found in Requirements for UMDNJ Affiliated Programs, which are prominently displayed in the Department and are attached.

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