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Course Waivers

  • Waiver for Off-campus courses: Current NJCU students may take courses at other institutions but only with prior approval. Biology majors should see the Department secretary for the form Application for Course Waiver. (A copy can be found in the Appendix of this handbook.) After completing the waiver the student should meet with the Department chairperson for approval. Department and University policy require that students take their course work at NJCU whenever possible. Special circumstances must exist for a waiver to be approved. Taking a summer course at another institution in order to complete all requirements for graduation may be approved as would taking a course not offered at NJCU if it enhances the student’s program of study.

    It is ESSENTIAL that a Waiver form be filed before the student takes a course at another institution. When credits for that course arrive at NJCU the Evaluator at the Advisement Center will look to the files for the original Waiver form. If that form has not been properly filed in advance, credits for that course will not be accepted.

    1. A student can only transfer in 66 community college credits. This means that if a student already transfered in 66 community college credits, they can't get a course waiver for taking a class at a community college. However, they could still get a waiver for taking a class at a four-year institution.
    2. Students cannot get course waivers to replace upper level (300- or 400- level) NJCU classes with 100- or 200-level community college courses. Again, they should take these courses at a four-year institution.

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