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General Studies and Biology Major Course Integration

  • Biology majors are required to take courses outside the Department as part of the requirements for degrees in biology. Some of the required courses are also approved for General Studies and so automatically fulfill certain General Studies requirements. All majors should be review the following information before an advisement appointment:

    General Chemistry I Lecture (CHEM 105) is an approved General Studies course in Area A, Natural Sciences.

    College Physics I (PHYS130), College Physics I Recitation/Lab (PHYS 1130), College Physics II (PHYS 131) and College Physics II Recitation/Lab (PHYS 1131) are all approved General Studies course in Area A, Natural Sciences.

    As a result of the above approvals, completing the required chemistry and physics courses for the Biology degree will also provide for 9 credits of approved Natural Sciences, Area A credits. Biology majors, therefore, automatically complete that area of General Studies requirements with no need to take other Area A courses.

    Although Principles of Biology I (BIOL 130) is an approved General Studies course, it can not be used in Area A unless the student has 40 or more credits in appropriate major courses so that there are 36 credits in the major not counting Principles of Biology I.

    General Studies Biology courses such as General Biology, Human Sexual Biology, The Human Body and Practical Nutrition are General Studies (100 level courses) and are NOT acceptable as major courses.

    Other courses that fill General Studies areas are:

    • Computer As A Tool for Math and Science (INTD 180) in Area F
    • Statistics I (MATH 140) in Area F
    • Calculus I (MATH 190) in Area F

    Since Calculus I and II and either Computer As A Tool for Math and Science or Statistics are required for the BS, Area F will also be completed without need to take other General Studies courses.

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