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Good Manners

  • We believe that the Biology Majors are among the finest students on the campus. They take one of the most rigorous courses of study on the campus and they are good natured and kind people. We think of ourselves as a family and a community of scholars. Good manners within the department are the same behaviors which are important in the workplace and which will help our students be successful. The following are our expectations of everyone in our department community.

    1. Be respectful of all people by both our actions and our words. This includes being aware of how our behavior impacts those around us. Loud noise, litter, intrusions and interruptions are not appropriate and hurt everyone.
    2. Do not enter a faculty office without knocking and being invited to enter. This includes offices that are open and occupied. An open door is not an invitation to enter and to interrupt work in progress or a conversation among faculty and/or other students. If you are not invited to enter, don’t. It is always wiser to make an appointment than to drop in.
    3. Don’t be offended if a member of the faculty or staff cannot see to your needs immediately. We are a caring department and do our best to provide appropriate and timely help but it simply isn’t always possible to stop and deal with an unexpected problem.
    4. Be respectful of the department secretary. The secretary works hard for us all and is the first contact students have with the department. The secretary works within a chain of command. Her/his first obligation is to do department work related to the University at large. This is under the supervision of the chairperson and takes precedence over all other work. Following departmental responsibilities is the work of the faculty, including all course materials, acceptance of all messages, and setting of appointments. Finally, the secretary acts as liaison between the department and the students. She /he is often the source of department information and the solver of problems; however it is not the job of the secretary to do any clerical work for students. Photocopying using the department equipment, for example, is specifically forbidden to students.
    5. Keep appointments on time. If you will be late or will miss an appointment, please notify the faculty member or the secretary. It is very rude and unfair to inconvenience anyone by having them wait for a student who is not going to appear. 
    6. The Biology Department library was created as a place where students can study and meet. It primary use is for studying, not socializing. Users are reminded to be respectful of those engaged in academic work. Although eating and drinking are permitted in the library, users are reminded to clean up after themselves. This applies to returning books to their proper places, as well.

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