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Graduation Clearance

  • In the final semester of their work at NJCU, students must submit an application for graduation clearance (Graduation Clearance Office (H219). The application is reviewed for the successful completion of All University Requirements (AUR) and General Studies courses. A form is then sent to the Department Chairperson to review the requirements for completion of the major. This form is completed by the chairperson who notes any restrictions such as the need to complete certain major courses in the current semester or to complete the current courses with a specific grade so that the 2.0 grade average will be met for graduation. The chairperson signs the form and returns it to Graduation Clearance. The student receives notification from the Graduation Clearance Office that they will be cleared to graduate, that they will be cleared if they successfully complete their current major courses with a particular grade average or that certain other courses in General Studies or the AURs are missing.

    Students receiving a clearance letter that includes any such restrictions should visit with their advisor or the department chairperson immediately.

    University policy allows students to participate in the graduation with the name in the graduation program even though they have not completed all requirements for the degree. Such students may be missing 6 or fewer semester hours of work and they must enroll in the Summer session to complete those credits. This should not be a problem for General Studies courses since many are offered every summer. HOWEVER, few Biology courses are offered in the summer because of the significant amount of time that they take per week. Do not plan that it will be possible to participate in graduation if all Biology requirements have not been completed at the end of the Spring semester.

    Reminder: Over the years the Graduation Clearance office and every department chairperson have heard arguments about why a particular circumstance for a particular student is exceptional. Exceptions can be made only under extraordinary circumstances and are rarely possible.

    The responsibility to complete necessary courses and to do so with appropriate grades is the student’s.

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