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Ins and Outs of the Biology Major


    1. The requirement for graduation is 128 credits with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. Although certain courses (e.g. CHEM 105) count as both General Studies classes and Biology major requirements, credits for these courses only count once. Credit is granted only once for classes taken and passed more than once.
    2. A minimum grade of “C” (2.0) is required in each Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics course in order to receive the BA or BS degree in Biology. At the discretion of the chair, one C- may be allowed. 
    3. An average of “C” in Principles of Biology I and II is required before students can take Cell Biology or any other 200 level class.
    4. A student must successfully complete each required course within three attempts in order to remain in the BA or BS program in Biology. A grade of “W” counts as an attempt.
    5. A student who does not earn a grade of C in a prerequisite course will be dropped from any registered courses that require the prerequisite.
    6. English Composition I is a co-requisite for Principles of Biology I.
    7. Cell Biology and General Chemistry I and II are prerequisites for all 300- and 400- level Biology classes.
    8. Both Principles of Anatomy I and II must be successfully completed to receive elective credit.
    9. The prerequisite for BIOL440 Senior Seminar is five Biology classes taken above the 100-level.
    10. Chemistry 100 (Prep for General Chemistry) is a prerequisite for Chemistry 105 (General Chemistry). Please see the Chemistry Dept. secretary or Dr. Yamaguchi, chair of the Chemistry Dept., to ask about testing out of Chemistry 100.
    11. Computer as a Tool (INTD 120), or any 100 level Computer Science course, is a prerequisite for Computer Tools for Science and Math (INTD 180). Please see Dr. Haouari in the Chemistry Dept. to ask about testing out of INTD 120.
    12.  Two Professorial Assistant experiences can be counted as one 300- or 400-level elective.
    13.  A minimum of five (5) Biology major courses must be successfully completed at NJCU in order to receive the Bachelors degree.
    14. Credits earned for Biology courses more than ten (10) years ago do not satisfy department requirements.
    15. A maximum of 66 credits can be transferred to NJCU from a community college. Students cannot receive waivers to take additional classes at a community college, although they can receive waivers to take additional classes at a four-year college.
    16. A maximum of 96 credits can be transferred to NJCU from a four-year college.
    17. Classes taken at other colleges cannot be used for recomputation of grades for classes taken at NJCU.
    18. Neither 100- nor 200-level classes taken at a community college are transferable as equivalents of 300- or 400-level classes at a four-year college.
    19. PLEASE BE ADVISEDthat a student enrolled for a Biology major class, who has neither attended the class nor contacted the Biology Dept. office regarding these absences by noon on the last day of the add/drop period, may be dropped from the class to make room for a student on the wait list. THIS MAY AFFECT YOUR ELIGIBILITY FOR FINANCIAL AID.
    20. Students are responsible for checking their NJCU email account for important updates and information regarding department and university policies.


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