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Professional Assistants

  • The Biology Department offers credit to students who act as assistants to faculty teaching major courses. Students may register for credit in this program under the following guidelines:
    1.  A student interested in becoming a PA must have taken the course for which they will provide assistance and have earned at least 16 credits in Biology major courses before becoming a PA. 
    2. The student must have a grade point average in Biology of at least a B.
    3. A student can register for a maximum of two PA experiences during their term as an undergraduate in the Biology Department.
    4. The student will register for the PA experience. This is a 3 credit “course”.
    5. The faculty member with whom the student will work and the student will negotiate a contract outlining the PA’s responsibilities, the number of hours the student will work and the schedule they will follow.
    6. Four copies of the contract will be prepared: one for the student, one for the faculty member, one for department files and one for the Dean’s office.
    7. PAs will devote a minimum of 6 hours per week on average to their duties.
    8. PAs will prepare and maintain a log of hours worked and the nature of the work done.
    9. A student can do no more than one semester as a PA with any particular faculty member.
    10. A maximum of two PA experiences will be permitted. 
    11. Two PA experiences will be considered to be the equivalent of one 400 level elective.

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