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  • Dr. Evelyn Kivy Rosenberg Scholarship Application

    NJCU makes available a number of scholarships that are coordinated by the office of the Vice President for Development. In addition, the Biology Department has available a scholarship given in memory of Dr. Evelyn Kivy Rosenberg, a long-time member of the department who died some years ago. Dr. Rosenberg was an internationally known and honored Radiation Biologist who felt strongly about providing an outstanding education for students in urban environments. She devoted the last years of her career to working with just those students here at NJCU.

    The Rosenberg Scholarship is a partial scholarship(s) for academic excellence that is awarded to a junior biology major or majors by the Biology Department Scholarship Committee. The Scholarship(s) are for use in the senior year, and the monies awarded are forwarded from the Development Office directly to the Business Office of the University. All applications must be submitted by April 30 of the student’s junior year. The decision(s) of the Committee will be announced by May 15 of that year.

    In order to apply a student must have a 3.5 cumulative grade point average in Biology major courses and a 3.0 overall cumulative average. Among the additional criteria used to evaluate the merit of each applicant’s achievements are: 

    • recommendations from at least two professors
    • quality of individualized research 
    • performance as a professorial assistant.

    Interviews with candidates may be requested by the selection committee.

    The Scholarship Committee reserves the right not to make an award if no student is deemed deserving, or if funds are insufficient.

    The completion application for the scholarship can be found in the appendix of this handbook. Announcements reminding students of the deadline are posted early in the Spring semester of each academic year.

    Please see your academic advisor for help in completing applications for any scholarships.

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