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The Biology Club

  • Among the longest continually active student clubs on the campus, the Biology Club maintains a busy and productive schedule. Officers are elected annually and then invite a faculty member or members to act as advisors. The advisors limit themselves to being available for help but the group is run by the students.

    Meeting biweekly, the Biology Club schedules guest speakers, informational sessions, field trips, film festivals, practice SAT sessions, and a wide variety of community services. Meetings typically involve routine business and special planning, a special guest or activity, games, prizes and refreshments. Meeting and club information is posted regularly on a bulletin board reserved for the Biology Club. It can be found in the third floor corridor outside room S310.

    In addition to regular meetings the Club sponsors various fund-raising activities to supplement the funding it receives from the Student Government Association. For years the club has also provided a winter holiday party for the children of the campus, sometimes at the Child Care Center and sometimes at the A. Harry Moore School for Children with Disabilities. The annual October Breast Cancer Walk has become a regular part of the Club’s calendar.

    All students on the campus are welcome to attend meetings which are held on alternate Mondays throughout the semester at 3PM. Those seeking more information can contact the Club officers and members through the department secretary, Liz Hickey at 201-200-3054 or by visiting the department office (S335). Officers and members can almost always be found in the Biology Department Library (S326) in the Department office complex. The library is provided to students as a meeting and quiet study space. It includes a microwave oven, small refrigerator, couches, tables, chairs and an extensive collection of biology text books, references and magazines.

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