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Transfer Credit Evaluation


  • Students who transfer to NJCU submit a transcript of all earned credits to the institution as part of the application process. These credits are evaluated by the Advisement Center which sends both the student and the major department a copy of that evaluation. It is expected that when a student decides to become a Biology major he/she will make an appointment with the Department chairperson so that the Chairperson can evaluate the transfer credits in biology and related science courses and make appropriate assignment of those credits in the major planning sheet. For example, the Advisement Center may accept a 4 credit course in transfer that is similar to the course Principles of Biology I. The Advisement Center simply agrees to accept those credits as appropriate college-level credits. It is the Chairperson who decides whether the material of the course taken is appropriate as a substitute for Principles of Biology I. It may be acceptable and the student is not required to take Principles of Biology I. If the material of the original course is not substantially similar to any major requirement those credits will still be accepted as part of the 128 credits required toward graduation and may still be counted as part of the 36 required in major courses and will be recorded as an elective.

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