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    2017-11-01 14:00
    2017-11-01 16:00

    The International Career Club First Meeting

    The Gothic Lounge, Hepburn Hall 202
    Time:2:00 PM4:00 PM

    Are you Interested in an International Career?
    Want to Market Products or Services Globally?
    Want to Work or Study Abroad?
    Want to Network with Students from
    Around the World? 

    Then the International Career Club is for You!
    The ESL Program & Global Initiatives Team at NJCU is starting a new SGO club to promote and develop inter-national careers. The club brings together students of all majors from the U.S. and countries around the world for networking, career development, and intercultural communication. Members will plan and develop projects related to their interests such as start-ups, business plans, field trips, international travel/study, alumni networking, social events and much more. 

    Interested in leadership opportunities? Want to learn more? Contact Dr. Steve Haber at shaber@njcu.edu 

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