• The Office of Campus Life and the Student Government Organization coordinate many student activities. Involvement in these activities is essential to making the college experience valuable one. 
    Why does involvement matter? 

    Student Involvement in campus and community life offers opportunities to gain valuable skills, develop presonally, and make a difference in the world around you. Being an active participant in the college experience allows students to:
    • Develop leadership skills
    • Constructively use energy and time
    • Seize opportunities for planning, managing and making decisions
    • Clarify personal values
    • Experiment with creative ideas
    • Practice cooperation and teamwork
    • Improve interpersonal skills
    • Make an impact on the campus and community
    • Graduate with a successful academic record and a resume and co-curricular transcript full of leadership and involvement
    How do Students become involved? 

    There are many ways to get involved at New Jersey City University. Several offices and organizations offer ways to connect students with opportunities that interest them.
    The Campus Life staff challenges and encourages all students to become involved. Some of our activities include: 
    NJCU Project Leadership 

    Co-sponsored by the Student Government Organization, NJCU Project Leadership is a one-day leadership conference held on-campus. This event is scheduled during the winter break to help remind students about their role as student leaders and prepare them for the programs, activities, challenges and opportunities that may arise during the Spring semester. NJCU project leadership is open to all university student leaders including Athletes, Resident Assistants, SGO club and organization members, CSS student staff, etc.
    Week of Welcome (WOW) 

    WOW stands for Week of Welcome. This is a four day celebration designed to welcome students to the beginning of the Fall semester. Educational and social events are planed throughout the week which culminates in Campus/University Day. During the Week of Welcome, students, faculty and staff are encouraged to show their pride for NJCU and its Gothic spirit.
    Multicultural Month 

    Held in November is a month long celebration of various cultures at NJCU. Each cultural organization hosts a program which highlights their culture and traditions.
    Student Clubs and Organizations  

    The Student Government Organization recognizes a variety of clubs and organizations which make up the Student Council. These clubs and organizations include class officers, cultural/ethnic groups and religious organizations. Membership is open to all students at New Jersey City University. Through application to SGO, you can start a club that matches your interest. 
    Co-curricular Transcript 

    The Co-curricular Transcript is an official listing of a student’s involvement in various student activities while attending New Jersey City University. Information on the co-curricular transcript will include but not be limited to leadership positions, presentations and attendance at conferences, and community service activities. Any student interested in creating a co-curricular transcript must download and complete the Co-curricular transcript form and return it to Renata Moreira in the Office of Campus Life.