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CCC Forms and Procedures

    The course approval procedure in the college changed with the fall 2009 semester.  Click here for a description of the changes.
    Follow the Senate guidelines for both temporary and permanent course approval (appropriate forms are below).
    These guidelines were developed by the University Senate and must be followed for all course submissions. When writing the proposal, follow the number sequencing and formatting used in the guidelines (if you are unsure, check the sample proposal available here).
    The course proposal submitted would then include a cover sheet (that is, the permanent or temporary approval form available below) and a document addressing each of the 19 points listed in the Senate guidelines mentioned above).
    Submission Checklist 

    Here's a handy checklist to help avoid some common bumps along the way to approval. Here's a file for Bloom's Taxonomy that will help in completing the proposal, and here's another that extends that taxonomy.
    Remember, when you submit the application, you need to 1) complete and attach a cover sheet (the approval forms below); and 2) attach a proposal document addressing the points raised in the guidelines above. 

    Course Name/Number Change Procedures 
    A description of the procedure for changing a course name is available here.
    A description of the procedure for changing a course number is available here.
    Note: Reading the appropriate description prior to submitting will help ensure a smooth transition to the new name and/or number and avoid some agita down the line when the transition is delayed due to some minor form infraction. Accuracy in the papertrail is taken very seriously in the curriculum-related areas and one way to avoid delays is getting the form filled out correctly the first time.   

    Course Approval Forms 
    A permanent new course approval form is available here (this is the new form the Senate adopted at its September 2012 meeting). Complete and print the top portion of the form and attach it with the supporting documents.
    A temporary new course approval form is available here (this is the form the Senate adopted at its September 2012 meeting). Complete and print the top portion of the form and attach it with the supporting documents (use the same guidelines above for both forms).
    • Courses for temporary approval do not go through the Curriculum Committee; instead they are routed to the Dean's Office and, if approved, move directly to the VP for Academic Affairs.  
    • A course can run on a temporary basis for one semester and then must be submitted for the full approval review process before it can run a second time. 

    FYE course information;
    FYE course proposal form available here.

    Other Curriculum-Related Forms and Information 
    Here's the Preauthorization form to request release time to create a new online course or online section of an existing course (complete the form online, print, and submit to Dean's Office).* 

  • One or more of the links on this page open Adobe PDF documents. If you require Adobe Acrobat Reader (which is free), in order to view these documents you can download it directly from the Adobe website.