• NJCU William J. Maxwell College of Arts and Sciences

Current General Studies Program Courses

  • Departments : 

    Department  Course Number  Course Name  Area  Prerequisite  Corequisite 
    African and African-American Studies      
      AFRO 101 African Diaspora E None  
      AFRO 106 Black Identify and Culture E None  
      AFRO 108 African American History E None  
      AFRO 118 The Black Experience E None  
      AFRO 164 Introduction to African Civilizations E None  
      ART 102 Principles of Painting C None  
      ART 104 Ceramics C None  
      ART 105 Drawing and Composition C None  
      ART 130 World Art I C None  
      ART 131 World Art II C None  
      BIOL 100 General Biology A None  
      BIOL 103 Human Sexual Biology A None  
      BIOL 104 The Human Body A None  
      BIOL 106 Practical Nutrition A None  
      BIOL 130 Principles of Biology I A None  
      CHEM 105 General Chemistry I A Chem 100 Chem 1105
      CHEM 111 Chemistry and Crime Detection A None  
      CHEM 112 Examination of Criminal Evidence A None  
      CHEM 117 Principles of Chemistry I A None Chem 1117
      CHEM 118 Principles of Chemistry II A Chem 117 Chem 1118
    Computer Science      
      CS 115 Microcomputers and Programming I F None  
      CS 214 Business Applications on the Microcomputer I F None  
      CS 215 Business Applications on the Microcomputer II F CS 214  
      ECON 101 Introduction to Economics B1 None  
      ECON 102 Contemporary Economic Issues B1 None  
      ECON 110 History of Economic Thought B1 None  
      ECON 207 Principles of Economics: Macro B1 None  
      ECON 208 Principles of Economics: Micro B1 None  
      ECON 215 Personal Finance F None  
      ECON 220 Understanding Economic and Business Data F None  
      ENGL 187 Shakespeare for Everyone D None  
      ENGL 188 Stories of Immigration D None  
      ENGL 190 Literature and Film D None  
      ENGL 192 American Dream in Literature D None  
      ENGL 199 Creative Writing D None  
      GEOS 109 Principles of Environmental Sciences A None  
      GEOS 111 Principles of Earth Science A None  
      GEOS 112 Introduction to Geology A None  
      GEOS 115 Introduction to Oceanography A None  
      GEOG 111 Physical Geography A None  
      GEOG 112 Cultural Geography of the Developing World B2 None  
      GEOG 113 Human Impact on the Environment B2 None  
      GEOG 250 GIS I: Contemporary Applications of GIS F AUR Math, INTD 120  
      GEOG 350 GIS II:  Analysis with GIS F GEOG 250  
      HIST 150 American History to 1865 D None  
      HIST 152 American History Since 1865 D None  
      HIST 154 History of Women in the U.S. D None  
      HIST 158 Early Modern Europe (1648-1914) D None  
      HIST 160 Europe in the 20th Century D None  
      ETHN 114 Immigration in American History E None  
      ETHN 115 The Asian American Experience E None  
    Interdisciplinary Studies      
      INTD 149 Human and Intercultural Relations E None  
      INTD 180 Computer Tools for Science and Math F INTD 120  
    Latin American, Caribbean and Latino Studies      
         LATI 105 Introduction to Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies E None  
      LATI 120 Latin American Issues in Cultural Perspective E None  
      LATI 125 Socio-Cultural Changes in Latin America E None  
      LATI 201 People and Cultures of the Caribbean E None  
      LATI 209 Sex and Gender in Latin America E None  
      MATH 140 Statistics I F MATH 112  
      MATH 165 Pre-Calculus F MATH 112  
      MATH 190 Calculus I F MATH 165  
      MATH 205 Problem Solving F MATH 112  
      MATH 1165 Pre-Calculus for Business F MATH 112  
    Media Arts      
      MEDI 100 Introduction to Media C None  
      MEDI 102 Development of Film I C None  
      MEDI 103 Development of Film II C MEDI 102  
      MEDI 119 Film and Critical Issues C None  
      MEDI 215 Introduction to International Cinemas C MEDI 102, MEDI 103  
    Modern Languages      
      LANG 103 Elementary Spanish I E None  
      LANG 104 Elementary Spanish II E LANG 103  
      LANG 105 Elementary French I E None  
      LANG 106 Elementary French II E LANG 105  
      LANG 107 Elementary Italian I E None  
      LANG 108 Elementary Italian II E LANG 107  
      LANG 117 Elementary Japanese I E None  
      LANG 118 Elementary Japanese II E LANG 120  
      LANG 123 Elementary Russian I E None  
      LANG 124 Elementary Russian II E LANG 123  
      LANG 131 Elementary Arabic I E None  
      LANG 132 Elementary Arabic II E LANG 131  
      LANG 141 Elementary Chinese I E None  
      LANG 142 Elementary Chinese II E LANG 142  
      LANG 215 Spanish for Native Speakers I E None  
      LANG 216 Spanish for Native Speakers II E None  
    Music, Dance and Theatre      
      MDT 101 Survey of Music C None  
      MDT 102 Modern Music C None  
      MDT 103 Musical Life in the United States C None  
      MDT 104 Music of the World's Peoples C None  
      MDT 106 Jazz History C None  
      PHIL 101 Philosophy: Persons and Problems D None  
      PHIL 102 Criticial Thinking: Critical and Creative Thinking D None  
      PHIL 103 Ethics: Contemporary Moral Issues D None  
      PHIL 106 Comparative Religion D None  
      PHIL 110 Mythology D None  
      PHYS 101 Basic Concepts in Physics A None  
      PHYS 103 Physical Principles of Telecommunication F None  
      PHYS 113 Introduction to Astronomy A None  
      PHYS 130 College Physics I A MATH 165 PHYS 1130
      PHYS 131 College Physics II A PHYS 130 PHYS 1131
      PHYS 240 Digital Techniques and Applications A None  
    Political Science      
      POLI 102 US Politics B1 None  
      POLI 109 Comparative Politics B1 None  
      POLI 110 World Politics B1 None  
      POLI 116 Business & Government B1 None  
      POLI 205 History of Political Thought B1 None  
      POLI 208 Research and Internet Methods for the Social Sciences B1 AUR MATH, INTD 120  
      PSYC 100 Psychology of Self Development B2 None  
      PSYC 110 Introduction to Psychology B2 None  
      PSYC 150 Developmental: Birth to Adolescence B2 None  
      PSYC 152 Developmental: Adolescence to Adulthood B2 None  
      PSYC 160 Social Psychology B2 None  
    Sociology and Anthropology      
      SOCI 111 Principles of Sociology B2 None  
      SOCI 113 Social Problems B2 None  
      SOCI 114 Sociology of the Family B2 None  
      SOCI 141 Cultural Anthropology B2 None  
      SOCI 225 Class, Status and Power B2 None  
    Women's and Gender Studies      
      WGST 100 Women's Lives E None  
      WGST 103 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies E None  
      WGST 108 Women and Power E None  
      WGST 190 Introduction to Lesbian and Gay Studies E None  
      WGST 202 Women and Work E None