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Honors Program for General Education.

  • Our Honors Program is creative and interdisciplinary. We foster an educational culture that distinguishes itself through stirring, creative initiatives that celebrate the joys of learning and the benefits of a challenging education. Our talented students are motivated to make a difference in the world through education. Honors students build the character and spirit of the program honoring themselves and our university. We ask them to excel and we provide them with the tools to do so. Our program's many benefits include:

    • Full scholarship for four years
    • Two fully-funded Study Abroad trips embedded in Honors courses
    • A laptop
    • Seminar-style classes 
    • Interdisciplinary courses
    • Faculty advisors
    • Peer-to-Peer mentoring
    • Academic and community service
    • Special events and colloquia
    • Internships

     Honors Handbook 2014-2015 



    The NJCU Honors Program provides an enriching educational experience through which students enjoy challenging and engaging interdisciplinary studies, undertake leadership roles, and contribute to a culturally complex world.

    Program requirements  

    Students take two Honors courses in the fall semester and one Honors course in the spring semester during their first and second years. In the junior year they take two Honors courses in the fall and the first half of their Honors Capstone in the spring semester. The Honors Capstone is completed in the fall semester of the senior year. Two of the Honors courses above the first-year level have embedded, required, study abroad components.

    • Students must maintain a 3.3 GPA. If grades fall below this, they have one semester of probation to raise their GPAs. 
    • 15 hours per semester of service to the university and wider community 
    • Students attend a weekly Honors Block meeting on Fridays, for special events, colloquia, and other business 

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    The Honors Curriculum 
    Honors courses replace the NJCU General Education curriculum with special seminars exclusive to Honors students.The Honors curriculum consists of 27 credits plus a 6-credit capstone course. The Honors curriculum is inspired by the special features of the NJCU campus life and its urban environment. Small, rigorous classes emphasize critical thinking through discussion, writing, experiential learning, public speaking, and research formats. 

    FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE YEARS: Students take 3 Honors courses per year focusing on such diverse areas as the arts, social sciences, the humanities, math, and the sciences. The spring sophomore seminar includes an embedded study abroad during spring break.

    JUNIOR YEAR: Students take 3 Honors seminars per year that build on the foundations established in their Freshman and Sophomore courses. The spring junior seminar includes an embedded study abroad during spring break.

    CAPSTONE: In spring of junior year and fall of senior year, students conduct an interdisciplinary Honors capstone project. The project will entail research, creative work, or reflection on education, separate from any capstone in the student’s own major. It culminates in a presentation made to the University community.

    Study Abroad

    NJCU Honors Program includes a university supported Study Abroad component, in line with the Program's mission to promote student engagement in a culturally complex world. In their second and third years the students travel to a destination outside the US. The trips are embedded in Honors Program courses and complement the work done in the classroom. Students return from this first-hand experience with different cultures with new confidence, with their opinions challenged, and a new vision of the world.