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Honors Program

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    The Mission Statement

    The NJCU Honors Program provides an enriching educational experience through which students enjoy challenging and engaging interdisciplinary studies, undertake leadership roles, and contribute to a culturally complex world 




    The Honors Program  

    Honors students are academically accomplished, diverse members of the NJCU student body. The Honors Program embraces the power of knowledge and creative ideas in action. It raises social awareness, and imagines solutions for the greater good in the local and global community. Central components include:.

    CURRICULUM: Honors courses offered within departments and across disciplines encourage critical thinking, innovation, and experimentation.

    LEADERSHIP: Honors students take initiative in shaping the program. Honors students practice communicating with clarity and enthusiasm.  


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    SERVICE: Honors students are NJCU ambassadors on campus and in the region. They take part in service projects, and participate in national organizations.  

    OPPORTUNITIES: Honors students collaborate with the Advisory Board to plan talks, presentations, and other special events  


    The Honors Curriculum 

    Honors courses replace the NJCU General Education curriculum. The Honors curriculum consists of 27 credits plus a 3 credit capstone course. The Honors curriculum is inspired by the special features of the NJCU campus life and its urban environment. Small, rigorous classes emphasize critical thinking through discussion, writing, experiential learning, public speaking, and research formats.

    FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE YEARS: students take 3 Honors courses per year focusing on such diverse areas as the arts, social sciences, the humanities, and the sciences.

    JUNIOR YEAR: students take 3 Honors courses per year that build on the foundations established in their Freshman and Sophomore courses.


     SENIOR YEAR: students conduct a Honors capstone project. The project will entail research, creative work, or reflection on education. It culminates in a presentation made to the University community.

    HONORS COLLOQUIUM: Make new discoveries with us! Students will participate throughout the program in Honors faculty-sponsored and conducted colloquia to introduce them to innovations and discoveries in their fields.


    Honors Handbook 2014-2015





    Travel Opportunities 

    Supported domestic and international travel arises from classes taught within the Honors program.


    Academic and Community Life

    Honors students are assigned faculty advisors to guide them throughout their educational experience.

    Honors students have their own lounge in the student union building, GSUB, where they gather to discuss, socialize, study, exchange ideas, and to create their own community of peers.

    Honors students participate in Honors Governance through which they engage in academic, community, and social activities. They also lead future cohorts in a peer-to-peer mentoring program.

    The Honors Program encourages students to participate in the abundant intellectual, creative, and professional activities on the NJCU campus, and to stage their own events.





    How to Apply

    Acceptance into the Honors Program is based on a combination of standing in the high school class, high school GPA, placement scores in writing and math, and the application essay. If you meet one or more of the following criteria, you may be eligible for the Honors Program:

    Interview with the Honors Program Committee 

    Two letters of recommendation: 1 teacher, 1 guidance counselor/mentor/coach 

    Statement of extracurricular activities/community service 

    High School GPA of 3.5 or higher 



    NJCU Student Resources 





    For more information, please contact Dr. Rosamond Hooper-Hamersley, Honors Program Coordinator.
    Interested students should following the instructions for applying to the program available on the application form 




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