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Adapting ESL to Foreign Language Instruction
Diane Lapp, Julie Jacobson, James Flood and Douglas Fisher

The Alternative Textbook and Teaching English in Ukraine
Olga Kulchytska

An Attitude of Inquiry: TESOL as a Science
Diane Larsen-Freeman

Argument and Entertainment: TESOL as a Science
Elana Shohamy

Autonomous Learning through Cinema:One Learner 's Memories
Connie Haham


Beyond MTV: Music Videos as Foreign Language Text
Thomas J. Garza

Beyond Passive Listening: The ESL Class Becomes a Band
Dennis Sjolie


Can I Love You? A Child's Adventure with Puppets and Play
George Dempsie

Children's Literature in Adult EFL Classes: Learning through Response
Carl Tomlinson and Rhoda McGraw

Country Songs: Music, Language and Life
Judith Diamond and Elizabeth Minicz

Connecting the Powers of Music to the Learning of Languages
Sandra Adkins

The Creative Connection in Movies and TV: What '"Degrassi High" Teaches Teachers
Jim Ward and Suzanne Lepeintre

Creating Theater in the ESL Classroom
Maria Guida

Creativity with a Small "c"
Alan Maley

Cultural Artifacts
Joshua Dale


Daydreams and Nightmares: The Need for the Imagination in Student Writing
Steven Haber

The Deep Water Had Deeper Fishes: On Creating a Language of the Imagination with Children
Richard Lewis

De-Mythicizing the Research Paper
Barbara Guenther

Drawing on Experience: The interview
John Dumicich

Drawing on Experience: The Article
Christine Root

Dual Coding Theory and Reading Poetic Text
Mark Sadoski


Encounters with the Automobile: Exploring Practical Content through Multiple Media
Anne Dorobis

Enhancing Acquisition through Music
Robert Lake

ESL Community Puppeteers
Margaret Canepa

ESL Storytellers as Cultural Diplomats
Kim Hughes Wilhelm

An ESL-TESL Drop-in-Center that Works
Connie Mitchell and Christine Mueller

Evolving Texts: My Students and My Writings
César Valmaña Iribarren



Gala Night: Experiencing English Beyond the Classroom
Gilberto Diaz Santos

Getting Feedback via Transitional Analysis
Mario Rinvolucri

Getting Imaginative in the Language Laboratory
Darci L. Strother

Graphics from the Front: Artistry in Language Teaching
Susan Gill

Grandma Moses Meets ESL: Art for Speaking and Writing Activities
Claudia J. Rucinski-Hatch

The Great Debate: Is TESOL an Art or a Science
David Nunan, Moderator


How to TPR Abstractions:The Critical Role of Imagination
James Asher and Stephen Silvers

Humanistic Imagination: Soul Food for the Language Class
Gertrude Moskowitz


The Imagination and CD-ROM: Multimedia Language and Culture Instruction
Thomas J. Garza

Imagination and Memory: Friends or Enemies
Earl W. Stevick

Imagination in Second Language Acquisition
James J. Asher

Imagination in the Teaching of Reading: A Descriptive Analysis
Ramonita A. Santiago

Imagination Really Means Freedom
Dominic Pietrosimone (Interview)

The Imagination:Where Roles and Images Reside
Robert Landy

The Influence of Affective Variables on EFL/ESL Learning and Teaching
Verónica deAndres


Jargon Cells: Integrating Grammar and Lexis through Topical Focus
Judy Hartt

Junk Mail Catalogs: A Treasure-Trove for Language Teachers
Susan L. Schwartz



L 2 Learning:Restructuring the Inner World
Ana Robles

Language Learning through Lies and Fantasies
Aixa Perez-Prado

Learning a Second Language through Culture
Barbara Le Blanc and Joseph Dicks


Magical Boxes: A Window to the Imagination
Lora Friedman and Linda Simone

Making a Song and Dance: The Musical Voice of Language
Paul Newham

Martians Invade the Classroom:A Workshop in Language Learning
Carmine Tabone,Robert Albrecht

Mental Holography:The Power of Imagery in Communication
Geri Silk and Marsha Sunshine Norwood

Mini-Earth: A New Planet in the Macrocosm of Language Teaching
Natalia Vanyushkina

Mixed Level Language Class:An Unlikely Formula for Success
Dennis Sjolie

Modelling Language Instruction on Collaborative Design Projects
Robert Preece

Multiple Intelligences and Second Language Acquisition
Mary Ann Christison


National Standards and the Role of the Imagination in Foreign Language Learning
Rebecca M. Valette

Novels and Films: A Dynamic Double Feature
Leslie Criston


Obsession, Block and Turning Point: How Language Learns Itself
Barbara F. Mascali

On Creating Theatrical Collages with ESL Students
Rhonda Naidich

Organic Learning:Crossing the Threshold from Conscious and Unconscious
Grethe Hooper Hansen


Pattern Poems: Creative Writing for Language Acquisition
Margaret R. Moulton and Vicki L. Holmes

Precision, Elegance and Simplicity: Perspectives on TESOL and Art
G. Richard Tucker, Discussant

PrTEE: Professional Training Expansion English: An Approach to ESP
Lisa Isenstead

The Puppet as a Metaphor
Tova Ackerman




Reading Aloud: Children's Literature in College ESL Classes
Denise C. Lagos and Susan C. Khodabakhshi

Reading and Responding to Novels in the University ESL Classroom
Stephanie Vandrick

Reading for Pleasure: Short Novels in Academic University ESL Programs
Christine F. Meloni

Reel Talk: Movies, Values, and Language Acquisition
Kara Griffin

Review of A Chorus of Cultures
Susan Rupp

The Right to be Creative
Walter Eliason

Rock Poetry: The Literature Our Students Listen To
Claudia Ferradas Moi

The Role of Art in Language Learning
Catriona R. Moore, Judith A. Koller and Maria Kreie Arago

The Role of Emotions in Language Teaching
Nuray Luk


See It! Tell It! Write It!
Kathleen Mata

Shakespeare for ESL?“Hamlet ” through Imaginative Writing
Todd Heyden

Spellbound in the Language Class: A Strategy of Surprise
Gertrude Moskowitz

Steps to Dance in the Adult EFL Classroom
David M. Bell

Stimulating Imagination Outside the Classroom
Stephen A. Sadow

Story Tails
John Dumicich and Christine B. Root

Story Grammars and Oral Fluency
Dafne Gonzalez

Storytelling: A Way of Freeing the Imagination. An Interview with Dvora Shurman
Tova Ackerman

Student-Written Tests: An Effective Twist in Teaching Language
Lionel M. Kaufman, Jr


Talking about the Arts in Writing Class
Gabriel Yardley

Tapping Students Interest in with Fairy Tales
Gary Ockey and Diane Ogden

Teaching English Through Broadway Musicals
Gina Milano

Telling Tales in School: Using Myths in the ESL Classroom
Jean McConochie

TESOL: Art and Craft
Henry Widdowson

Thematic Photographs: From Past Lives to Creative Writing
Larry Carter

Thirty Notes on Writing for This Journal
Clyde Coreil


Using Humor in the Classroom
M. Jerry Weiss

Using Silence to Make a Point
John M.Knight

Using Songs to Introduce Poetry to ESL Students
Loretta Frances Kasper

Using the Sunday Comics on Monday
JoAnn Hoppe

Using TV Commercials to Teach Listening and Critical Thinking
Alfred Smith and Lee Ann Rawley



What Color is Your Picnic Basket?
The Interview with Susan Litt

Where the Magic Lies
Carolyn Graham (Interview)

Who an I in English? Developmenting a Language Ego
 Jean Zukowski/Faust

Whole Brain Learning and Relaxation Techniques
Maraleen Manos-Jones

Writng in Music
Sharon Myers





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