Volume II - 1994



Humanistic Imagination: Soul Food for the Language Class
     Gertrude Moskowitz

The Deep Water Had Deeper Fishes: On Creating a Language of the Imagination with Children
     Richard Lewis

Telling Tales in School: Using Myths in the ESL Classroom
     Jean McConochie

Whole Brain Learning and Relaxation Techniques
     Maraleen Manos-Jones

Storytelling: A Way of Freeing the Imagination. An Interview with Dvora Shurman
     Tova Ackerman

Story Tails
     John Dumicich and Christine B. Root

Reading for Pleasure: Short Novels in Academic University ESL Programs
     Christine F. Meloni

Rock Poetry: The Literature Our Students Listen To
     Claudia Ferradas Moi

Gala Night: Experiencing English Beyond the Classroom
     Gilberto Diaz Santos

Daydreams and Nightmares: The Need for the Imagination in Student Writing
     Steven Haber

The Role of Art in Language Learning
     Catriona R. Moore, Judith A. Koller and Maria Kreie Arago

ESL Community Puppeteers
     Margaret Canepa

Using Songs to Introduce Poetry to ESL Students
     Loretta Frances Kasper

Stimulating Imagination Outside the Classroom
     Stephen A. Sadow

Teaching English Through Broadway Musicals
     Gina Milano

Beyond MTV: Music Videos as Foreign Language Text
     Thomas J. Garza

Country Songs: Music, Language and Life
     Judith Diamond and Elizabeth Minicz

Review of A Chorus of Cultures
     Susan Rupp