Volume IV - 1997



Creativity with a Small "c"
     Alan Maley

National Standards and the Role of the Imagination in Foreign Language Learning
     Rebecca M. Valette

Who an I in English? Developmenting a Language Ego
     Jean Zukowski/Faust

Steps to Dance in the Adult EFL Classroom
     David M. Bell

Connecting the Powers of Music to the Learning of Languages
     Sandra Adkins

Children's Literature in Adult EFL Classes: Learning through Response
     Carl Tomlinson and Rhoda McGraw

Tapping Students Interest in with Fairy Tales
     Gary Ockey and Diane Ogden

PrTEE: Professional Training Expansion English: An Approach to ESP
     Lisa Isenstead

Obsession, Block and Turning Point: How Language Learns Itself
     Barbara F. Mascali

Imagination in the Teaching of Reading: A Descriptive Analysis
     Ramonita A. Santiago

Mini-Earth: A New Planet in the Macrocosm of Language Teaching
     Natalia Vanyushkina

Pattern Poems: Creative Writing for Language Acquisition
     Margaret R. Moulton and Vicki L. Holmes

Beyond Passive Listening: The ESL Class Becomes a Band
     Dennis Sjolie

Using TV Commercials to Teach Listening and Critical Thinking
     Alfred Smith and Lee Ann Rawley

Reading and Responding to Novels in the University ESL Classroom
     Stephanie Vandrick

Modelling Language Instruction on Collaborative Design Projects
     Robert Preece

Encounters with the Automobile: Exploring Practical Content through Multiple Media
     Anne Dorobis