Volume V - 2000

Board of Editorial Advisors

We are pleased to announce that an official Board of Editorial Advisors has been formed to help bring the most accomplished as well as the most promising scholars and professionals to our pages. We are indeed grateful to the members of the Board whose experience and expertise in their various fields will enrich The Journal of the Imagination in Language Learning.

James J. Asher
Founder of Total Physical Response
Los Gatos, California

Gertrude Moskowitz
Author and Educator
Temple University, Philadelphia

Mary Ann Christison
Past President of TESOL
Salt lake City, Utah

Paul Newham
Founder of Voice Movement Therapy Training
London, England
Thomas J. Garza
Associate Professor of Slavic Languages
University of Texas, Austin
Earl Stevick
Author and Educator
Lexington, Virginia
Robert Landy
Editor-in -Chief, Arts in Psychotherapy
New York University
Rebecca M. Valette
Past President
American Association of Teachers of French
Boston College
Alan Maley
Author and Educator
Asumption University, Thailand
Jerry Weiss
Author and Educator
New Jersey City University
Claudia Ferradas-Moi
Co-Director of T.S. Eliot Bilingual Studies Center
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Jean Zukowski-Faust
Author and Educator
Northern Arizona University

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