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B.S. Computer Science

  • The requirements for admission to the B.S. in Computer Science program are completion of  MATH 175 Enhanced Precalculus with a minimum 2.5 average.

    Course requirements are listed below:
    Note: Course Titles with an asterisk (*) do not have prerequisite or corequisite courses 

    Course Number 

    Course Title* 

    BASIC REQUIREMENTS ( 30 credits)
    CS 101 Fundamentals of Computer Science I
    CS 102 Fundamentals of Computer Science II
    CS 202 Discrete Structures I
    CS 203 Discrete Structures II
    CS 204 Introduction to Computer Organization
    CS 206 Concepts of Operating Systems
    CS 209 Data Structures
    CS 300     Computer Architecture
    CS 350 Software Engineering I
    CS 351 Software Engineering II (CAPSTONE)
    MATH 192 Calculus & Analytical Geometry I
    Choose one from list below:
    MATH 193     Calculus & Analytical Geometry II
    PHYS 103 Physical Principles of Telecommunications *
    PHYS 240 Digital Techniques & Applications *
    Plus Five Advanced Elective courses (15 credits) from the following:

    COOP ED - An optional 6 credit Cooperative Education Experience can be substitued for one Advanced Elective course. 

    CS 302 Introduction to Programming Languages
    CS 304 Operating System Design
    CS 306 Data Base Design
    CS 307 Microcomputer Maintenance and Repair
    CS 308 Advanced Microcomputers and Programming
    CS 320 Intermediate Ada Language Programming
    CS 355 Visual Programming
    CS 360 Principles of Computer Graphics
    CS 365 Advanced JAVA Programming
    CS 401 Introduction to Algorithms
    CS 402 Compiler Design
    CS 404 Artificial Intelligence
    CS 405 Theory of Computability
    CS 406 An Introduction to Expert Systems
    CS 410 Introduction to Telecommunications and Networks
    CS 417 Object-Oriented Methodologies
    CS 430 Internet Multimedia Programming