Exit Interview

  • Exit Interview

    Before you graduate, or drop below half-time attendance, you are required by federal regulation to complete an Exit Interview session.
    Exit materials will be mailed to you directly from Campus Partners. Campus Partners is the billing company used by New Jersey City University to service your Federal Perkins Loan.
    You must complete your Federal Perkins Student Loan Exit interview at:
    www.mycampusloan.com, you will have to create a profile on this site if you have not done so already
    You must complete the Exit Interview Requirements even if:
    • You plan on returning to school
    • You are not enrolled due to Academic Suspension
    • You are less than half-time
    • You are enrolled at another school
    Any questions, please contact Campus Partners at 800-334-8609 or the NJCU Perkins Coordinator at 201-200-2042.