In-Class Presentations

  • The Counseling Center staff and peer educators who participate in the Peers Educating Peers Program (PEP) are available to make presentations to classes or groups.  Our hope is that our offerings will complement your curriculum by addressing issues that are relevant to your students and your course.  We require at least  two weeks notice for each request.  Due to time constraints, we can offer no more than two presentations per class or group.  Evening availability may be limited.
    If you are interested in scheduling any of the presentations listed below, please contact us by e-mail or by phone. 
    • AIDS Prevention (Staff or PEP)
    • Anger Management (Staff or PEP)
    • Anxiety & Panic (Staff)
    • Assertiveness (Staff)
    • Body Image (Staff)
    • Child Sexual Abuse/Incest (Staff)
    • Conflict Mediation/Resolution (Staff or PEP)
    • Coping with Loss (Staff)
    • Dating (PEP)
    • Depression (Staff)
    • Developmental Disabilities (Staff)
    • Diversity/Multiculturalism (Staff or PEP)
    • Domestic Violence (Staff or PEP)
    • Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention (Staff or PEP)
    • Dysfunctional Families (Staff)
    • Eating Disorders (Staff)
    • Establishing and Maintaining Boundaries (Staff)
    • Gender Roles (Staff or PEP)
    • Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Issues (Staff or PEP)
    • Learning Disabilities (Staff)
    • Meditation (Staff)
    • Men & Masculinity: Overcoming Barriers to Intimacy (Staff)
    • Parenting Skills (Staff)
    • Post-Traumatic Stress (Staff)  
    • Rape/Sexual Assault (Staff or PEP)
    • Relationships: Developing Healthy Partnerships (Staff or PEP)
    • Self-Esteem (Staff or PEP)
    • Self-Empowerment (Staff)
    • Sexuality (PEP)
    • Study Skills and Notetaking (Staff)
    • Test Anxiety (Staff)
    • Test Taking (Staff)
    • Time Management (Staff)
    • Wellness (Staff and PEP)
    • Why Seek Counseling (Staff) 
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