Making a Referral

  • Throughout the year, we receive telephone calls and confidential memorandums from administrators, faculty, and staff members who are concerned about students and colleagues in emotional distress.  We welcome such calls and written referrals. In fact, we are gratified by the substantial response of the NJCU community to our services. 

    When Should I Refer Someone?

    If in your work you interact with students and colleagues and observe some of the behaviors identified below, we encourage you to refer these individuals to the Counseling Center:

      • Statements reflecting hopelessness or helplessness
      • Marked anxiety
      • Extreme self-dissatisfaction
      • Significant change in behavior (for example, a good student’s grades drop sharply, class attendance becomes erratic, assignments are not completed, and appearance changes)
      • Significant drop in energy or enthusiasm
      • Isolation from friends and family
      • Comments about ending one’s life
      • Other unusual behaviors including: overly talktive, rapid speech, extreme excitation, tremors, excessive lethargy, confusion, slurred speech, excessive weight loss/gain

    What can you do? Take the time to listen. The simple act of showing that you care can make a big difference to someone who is upset. When that doesn’t seem to help and you suspect that professional assistance is needed, recommending counseling is the next step.

    How Should I Recommend Counseling?

    We are often asked how one can effectively and respectfully recommend counseling to someone.  While there is no one right way to do so, here are some suggestions for how to approach an individual you are concerned about:

    “You seem very upset; why don’t you call the Counseling Center and set up a meeting to talk about this with one of the counselors?”

    “Life isn’t meant to be lived feeling so low (confused, unhappy, bad, etc.). A counselor can help. Why don’t you call for an appointment at the Counseling Center?”

    “Counseling is very helpful for people who feel the way you do.  You can call the Counseling Center right now from my office and make an appointment.” 

    Please keep in mind that, while we welcome your referrals, our services are strictly confidential and, therefore, we are ethically prohibited from releasing any information regarding any individual receiving counseling at the Center. 

    How Do I Help Someone Make an Appointment?

    During office hours, feel free to help initiate the process by calling the Center at 201-200-3165 or by walking over with the student.  Click here for our location and hours.  If you contact us by phone, we will ask to speak with the individual you are referring to obtain some basic information (name, contact phone number, and Gothic ID number).  We do not allow third parties to set up an appointment for someone unless that person is not capable of communicating with our office staff. 

    If a student on campus appears to be having a mental health emergency, and the office is closed, contact Public Safety at 201-200-3128 or 55 on any campus phone.