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Graduate Student

  • The Career Center provides the following resources and service to graduate students. 
    These services are available to students across graduate schools and are designed to meet the career development and job search needs of students attending graduate programs at the University.

    Career Center Services
    • Alumni network and mentoring
    • Calendar of Events
    • Career Assessment
    • Career Coaching
    • Career Library Resources
    • Career Fairs
    • Career Counseling
    • On-campus Recruiting
    • Online Career Development Information and Job Postings
    • Placement Services: Job Postings and Online Job Searches
    • Resources for Job Search and Job Prep
    • Workshops on Job Search Skills, Professional Development and Industry Topics
    • Internship OpportunitiesInformation on Fellowships and Research Opportunities
    Online Career Center Databases

    College Central: Database for job opportunities.

    Web Sites by Major: Listing of web sites for career information and jobs by major.

    Vault: Provides information on jobs, careers, top employers, educational programs, job search advice, and salary information.

    Occupational Outlook Handbook: Provides career information and includes job descriptions, earnings, working conditions, skills required and related web sites.

    One Wire: Provides job and career information for finance and accounting majors.

    Perfect Interview: Provides mock interviews online.

    SIGI: Computerized career assessment

    Getting Started

    Graduate students are encouraged to schedule an appointment with the Director of Career Services to assist you with aspects of your career and work issues. Appointments can be scheduled Tuesdays and Wednesdays by email jjones@njcu.edu or calling (201) 200-3005, or 3006. You will:

    • Receive an overview of department and online services
    • Review your resume and interviewing skills
    • Discuss your career interests and concerns
    • Schedule appointment for mock interviews
    • Receive information related to your career interest
    • Clarify career goals and create a career plan
    • Discuss post graduate study opportunities
    • Review current job opportunities