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Placepro for Students

  • Placepro for Students 
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    PlacePro is a powerful, yet easy to use, software suite designed specifically for cooperative education and career services.
    After reviewing the registration instructions below, students will be permitted to enter their relevant personal information to pursue cooperative education opportunities.

    You can use PlacePro to: 

    • Manage online documents
    • Search for potential job opportunities
    • Participate in, on and off campus interview programs
    • Submit online job applications
    • Upload resumes, cover letters, letters of recommendation, and other documents necessary in various file formats to create a portfolio for distribution to potential employers


    Misrepresenting Credentials: When a student provides their background information or credentials on a resume, application, or during an interview, any misrepresentation or lying is considered a violation of New Jersey City University standards. If any misrepresentation is found regarding a student's graduation date, cumulative average, work experience, citizenship status, visa status, or any additional area, the student's resume and profile will be removed from NJCU PlacePro.

    Make an appointment with a cooperative education assistant director to register. Call (201) 200-3005 or email staff          to schedule your appointment.