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Faculty and Staff Information

    Extended Student Absence: 
    The Office of the Dean of Students is to report extended student absences to faculty. If a student will be absent from his/her class(es) for an extended period of time, due to illness, death in the family and/or other extenuation circumstances, the Office of the Dean of Students will notify the student’s instructor(s) in writing. The student should report absences to the Office of the Dean of Students as soon as possible. In addition, students are encouraged to contact their professor(s) directly, to alert the instructor(s) of the circumstance.  

    Students must provide verification of the reasons for the requests (i.e., doctor’s note, death certificate, etc.).
    The Office of the Dean of Students informs students that the reporting of absences does not relieve the student of the responsibility for missed assignments, exams and/or projects, etc. The student is to take the initiative in arranging with his/her instructor(s) to make up missed work.  
    Student Travel Policy: 
    Below are the guidelines as outlined by the Office of the Dean of Students for student travel at NJCU. Please be advised that faculty and staff who coordinate student field trips are expected to complete all applicable documents requested in this document.
    Faculty/Staff Incident Report Form: 
    To be completed by faculty and/or staff members who wish to report an NJCU student to the Office of the Dean of Students for a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. This form should be completed immediately after an alleged violation occurs so that it can be quickly addressed.