Black Identity and Culture


The Study of the Negro   Carter G Woodson


      1.   authored The Miseducation of the Negro published in 1900’s, founded the

      Association for the Study of negro Life and History


      2. This is an important study to undertake


      3. What is the nature of the miseducation of the negro?

       No worthwhile past

       No evidence that the “Negro has done anything great

       Control of his thinking


  1. Miseducation leads to the thinking that the study of the Negro is unnecessary


  1. The Negro can be made proud of his past by approaching ot scientifically himself and giving his own story to the world.


  1. The association for the Study of negro Life and History has no special bond for the solution for the race problem except to learn to think


  1. No race animus


      8.  The Negro needs to become angry with himself because he has not handled his

           own affairs wisely and to his interest.




Manning Marable “Black Studies, Multicultralism, and the Future of American Education


  1. Focuses upon the meaning of multiculturalism in light of the increasing cultural diversity in America


  1. Why is Black Studies, Multiculturalism , Diversity Important?


  1. Multiculturalism begins with the recognition that our nation’s cultural heritage does not begin and end with the intellectual and aesthetic products of Western Europe  Multiculturalism rejects the model of cultural assimilation and social conformity.  (ie/. Concept of melting pot never existed)


  1. Multiculturalism suggests that the cross cultural literacy and awareness of these diverse groups is critical in understanding the essence of the American experience from the bottom up.  Discussion should also include the linkage of culture to power, to a minority group access to the resource, privilidges and property hich are concentrated within certain elites or classes.  For ex., institutional racism should be included
  2. Four Interpretations of Multiculturalism

·        Corporate Multiculturalism  seeks to highlight the cultural and social diversity of the American population

·        Liberal Multiculturalism advocates group strength to increase influence within the mainstream

·        Racial Essentialism-  Separatism…Afrocentrism

·        Radical Democratic- transformed cultural critique, calls for racial democratic restructuring of system of cultural and political power