Roots of Resistance: The Story of the Underground Railroad


Nat Turner

Harriet Tubman

Frederick Douglass

William Lloyd Garrison

William Wells Brown

Pennsylvania Abolitionist Society Medallion


Forms of Rebellion


1831     Nat Turner’s rebellion

Southhampton, Virginia

36 hour rebellion of slaves led by Nat Turner


Underground Railroad

  Purpose was to undermine slavery by smuggling fugitives to the North



   A movement organizing against the institution of slavery.  Abolitionists did not necessarily believe in the equality of Black and White.


William Lloyd Garrison


Estimated 100,000 fled from slavery


Two Important routes

   1. North through Kentucky into Ohio

   2. Along the eastern seaboard into Canada


Harriet Tubman  led at least three hundred people.  Mostly from the eastern shore of Maryland.


Mason-Dixon Line  surveyor’s line that delineated the border of Maryland and Pennsylvania.


Fugitive Slave Law


Vigilance Committees


Story of William Parker



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