A Film by Haile Gerima


Sankofa means ‘return to your roots” in the Akan language of Ghana


Two Slave Castles in Ghana

Cape Coast Castle


El Mina Castle


 There are approximately 40 more castles and forts in Ghana that were engaged in the slave trade 



West Coast of Africa




Map of Africa

















Main Characters:


Nu-Nu  /Afrike





1.      Importance of understanding one’s roots (history)

2.      Resistance (Physical and Psychological) of Africans

3.      Use Of Religion  (Christianity as Tool of oppression)

4.      Physical Brutality of slavery

5.      Degradation of the African woman (rape)

6.      Strength of African Culture

7.      Personal Transformation

8.      Humanity of the Africans

9.      African Spirituality

10. Torture techniques (branding, chopping off limbs,  

       hanging, flogging or whipping

11.  African secret societies

12.  Mixture of Africans from Africa, American born

       slaves, Caribbean born slaves

13.  African resistance

         Poisoning of master


         Burning/Damaging of Crops

         Organized/unorganized mass uprising