Professor Mulumba
African American History
Prof. Mulumba

Course Description:

This course is an outline of some of the major themes in the experience of people of African descent in the New World and in the United States in particular. We will study cultures and political systems, the Atlantic
Slave Trade, Africa and the settlement and development of the New World, the role
played by people of African descent in major American wars, the campaign against
slavery, the coming of Jim Crow, the industrialization of America, the fight for
Civil Rights and much else.

Course Objectives:
1. To help students appreciate the rich and varied nature of the African experience.
2. To show the contributions African Americans have made to the political and
economic development of America.
3. To explode myths, correct distortions and omissions created by racist scholar-
ship about African Americans.

1. Regular class attendance.
2. Active participation in class discussions.
3. Two examinations, two quizzes, two oral presentations.
4. All deadlines must be met. No extensions will be given.

Required Books:
1. Benjamin Quarles: The Negro in the Making of America
2. Thomas Frazier: Afro American History: Primary Sources

The first oral presentations will be assigned by the instructor and will be based on the primary documents reproduced in Frazier's book.

The second oral reviews will be based on other primary documents also from Frazier's
book and will have a written component.


Week 1 B. Quarles: "From Africa to the New World"
Video: They Came Before Columbus

Frazier: "Africa and the Slave Trade"

Week 2Quarles: "The Colonial and Revolutionary War
Negro 1618-1800.

Week 3 Quarles: "The House of Bondage (1800-1860)"
Frazier: "Slavery in the 19th Century
Video: "Life and Times of Frederick Douglas"
1st quiz

Week 4 Quarles: The Non-slave Negro 1800-1860"
Frazier: "The Free Black Community 1800-1860

Week 5 Quarles: "New Birth of Freedom 1860-1865"
Frazier: "The Civil War and Reconstruction"
Video: The 54th Massachusetts Regiment

Week 6 Quarles: The Decades of Disappointment 1865-1900
Frazier: "The Legal Segregation of Free People"

Week 7 Quarles: "Turn of the Century Upswing 1900-1920"
Video: Men of Bronze
Frazier: "The Organization of Protest"

Week 8 Quarles: "From Nolmacy to the New Deal 1920-1940"
Frazier: Depression and War: Struggle and Advance"

Week 9 1st oral review

Week 10 Video: A Passion for Justice

Week 11 Quarles: Democracy's Deepening Challenge 1954-1963
Frazier: School Desegregation
Video: Paul Robeson: The Tallest Tree in Our Forest
Quarles: "A Fluid Font 1963-1970"
Frazier: "The Non-violent Civil Rights Movement"
2nd quiz

Week 12 Quarles: "Widening Horizons (1970-1986)"
Video: An Amazing Grace
Frazier: "The Militant Black Liberation Movement"
Video: Make it Plain

Week 13 Frazier: "Consolidation and Reaction"
2nd exam
Oral book reviews