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    Chris Carnahan, Assistant Professor, Doctoral Program Coordinator
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    E-mail: ccarnahan@njcu.edu
    Phone: (201) 200-2547
    Research Interests: Online Learning (K-12), Special Education Students in Online Learning, Games & Virtual Worlds
    Chris Shamburg, Professor, Doctoral Program Coordinator
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    Email: cshamburg@njcu.edu
    Phone: (201) 200-2546 
    Research Interests: New Literacies, Online Learning, Inclusive Education
    Leonid Rabinovich, Assistant Professor
    E-mail: lrabinovich@njcu.edu 
    Phone: (201) 200-2564
    Cordelia Twomey, Professor
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    Email: ctwomey@njcu.edu 
    Phone: (201) 200-2545 
    Research Interests: Research, Global Education, Assistive Technology, Academic/Corporate Partnerships
    Laura Zieger, Professor and Department Chair
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    Email: lzieger@njcu.edu@njcu.edu
    Phone: (201) 200-3420 
    Research Interests: Online teaching and learning, student-centered instructional approaches and strategies integrating emerging technologies, and social computing applications in education (including game-based approaches)

    For more information or to discuss getting started, contact edd@njcu.edu or call (201)200-3078.