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    Overview of the Doctorate in Educational Technology Leadership

    The objectives of the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) Degree in Educational Technology Leadership are to: 

    Develop Educational Technology Leaders.  

    "One of the most important attributes that distinguishes leaders from managers is 'vision':  the ability to communicate desirable, achievable futures quite different from where the present is drifting.  Leaders redefine people's paradigms about what is possible" (Change Leadership Group at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, 2009).  The overarching objective is to provide prospective educational technology leaders with the skills to guide initiatives that support innovation and integration of technology to enhance learning and professional development.

    Emphasize the Theoretical Framework.

    To prepare educational technology leaders and innovators who will thrive in changing environments, the Ed.D. in Educational Technology Leadership provides them with a comprehensive understanding of the landscape of learning and the ways in which learning shapes and is shaped by technology.

    Be Professionally Anchored.

    The program is "professionally anchored", meaning that each course is situated among real-world challenges faced by practitioners during the course of their daily work.

    Redraw Boundaries.

    The boundaries that have previously separated academic disciplines from each other and separated academia and the corporate world are shifting.  Flexibility and innovation must be core values of a program that seeks to educate technology leaders and innovators for these times.

    Practice the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

    The courses, the dissertation, and the entire program are characterized by a systematic reflection on teaching and learning.  The focus is on a systematic rather than a technocentric view of educational technology, an incorporation of adult learning theory, and a strong focus on action research. 

    For more information or to discuss getting started, contact edd@njcu.edu or call 201-200-3078.