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Faculty / Staff Bios - Cordelia Twomey

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    Dr. Cordelia Twomey

    Email: ctwomey@njcu.edu 
    Phone: (201) 200-2545
    Research Interests: Research, Global Education, Assistive Technology, Academic/Corporate Partnerships



    Ph.D. New York University
    M.A. New York University
    B.A. Hunter College, City University of New York (New York State Permanent Certification, Secondary Education, Commerce)  


    Cordelia Twomey is particularly interested in adult learners and in the transfer of learning from the classroom to the workplace. One of the highlights of her career was to travel to China and meet with technology instructors and to visit technology classes and labs. Visiting Beijing Normal University, Yanjing Overseas Chinese University, Xian Foreign Language University, and East China Normal University gave her the opportunity to meet with Chairpersons from various academic departments and to take a tour of their Educational Technology facilities and exchange ideas about technology education.

    As part of an International Studies Grant Dr. Twomey visited London, Birmingham, and Cork to research how urban institutions in these cities were preparing their candidates to meet the challenges of unemployment and “rust belt economies”, underfunded schools, digital divide issues, and students arriving from many different countries who have new and diverse needs. The goals were to discover how teachers in these areas are meeting these challenges, what role is technology playing, and what professional development support systems do these teachers have.

    Professor Twomey has published articles in such journals as Academic Exchange, Journal of Instructional Delivery Systems, Classroom Leadership, and The Observer: The Annual of the New Jersey Business/Technology Education Assn. In addition, she has co-authored two textbooks-- Teachers as Technology Leaders: A Guide to ISTE Technology Facilitation and Technology Leadership Accreditation and TechPro: The Information Processing Simulation.

    At New Jersey City University, Dr. Twomey has served on a wide variety of committees including the Senate Ad Hoc Committee to Develop a Handbook for Doctoral Programs, the Senate Graduate Studies Committee, the University Promotions Committee, the Chairs’ Council, the College of Education Curriculum Committee, the Department Curriculum Committee, the Department Personnel Committee, and many search committees.

    Selected Publications and Presentations

    Twomey, C. (2011). Effective grant writing. New Jersey Education Association (NJEA). Atlantic City, NJ. November 2011.

    Twomey, C. (2011). Classroom management: Assertive discipline in the 21st Century. New Pathways to Teaching in New Jersey (NPTNJ). Edison, NJ. June 2011.

    Twomey, C. (2010). Bogus and authentic web sites. New Jersey Education Association (NJEA). Atlantic City, NJ. November 2010.

    Twomey, C. (2009). School librarians and your district’s technology plan. New Jersey Association of School Librarians (NJASL). Edison, NJ. November 2009.

    Twomey, C. (2009). Out-of-the-box—and easy—projects for your classroom. New Pathways to Teaching in New Jersey (NPTNJ). West Windsor, NJ. June 2009