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Teaching Certification

  • What is Certification? 

    So, you’ve finished your general studies requirements, the requirements within your chosen liberal arts major, all your education courses, and maintained at least a 2.75 GPA. You’ve also passed the TOW&R exam and your Praxis exams and finished student teaching. (Whew!) What’s next? The final step in becoming a teacher is certification.

    In order to become certified to teach in the state of New Jersey, you will need to apply for certification from the New Jersey Department of Education. The Center for Teacher Preparation and Partnership (CTTP) at NJCU helps students through the certification process. You can contact your advisor or the knowledgeable staff at the CTTP with any questions you have regarding certification.

    About Certification in New Jersey 

    New Jersey certification is required for any professional staff member employed in New Jersey public schools or in any institution under the supervision of the New Jersey Department of Education.

    There are three steps to permanent certification:

    • Establishing eligibility 
    • Becoming legally employed in a school district and successfully completing the provisional teaching period 
    • Being recommended for permanent certification

    For complete details, visit the State of New Jersey's Department of Education.