• GothicCard – Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: How do I obtain a GothicCard?

    Answer: Registered Students and active faculty and staff must have a valid photo identification (such as a driver's license, state ID card, passport, or high school ID.)


    Question: How much will my 1st GothicCard cost?

    Answer: Your first GothicCard is free of charge. To replace a lost or stolen card, a $25.00 replacement fee will be charged.


    Question: Do I need a GothicCard?
    Answer: Yes, the GothicCard is your official identification card and is required by New Jersey City University Policy.


    Question: I've legally changed my name. Can I now get a new ID card that has my new name?

    Answer: If you change your name while you are a student at New Jersey City University, you must file a "Petition of Name Change" at the Registrars Office located in Hepburn Hall – Room 214 so your records can reflect the name change. Please wait 2 business days after the petition before coming to the University Service Center. To obtain a new GothicCard free of charge with your new name change, you will need to bring your old card in with you for an even exchange. If you do not present the old card at the time of service, it will be processed as a lost card and you will be charged a $25.00 nonrefundable replacement fee.


    Question: What happens if I forget my Gothic Card?

    Answer: If you forget your GothicCard, you will be unable to access your spending account, borrow books from the library or access the athletic Center.


    Question: Where can I add money to my Gothic Card?

    Answer: Money can be added at the University Service Center or using our on-line deposit service.


    Question: How can I track my transactions?

    Answer: You can track you transaction by requesting an Account Statement at the University Service Center or accessing your account online.


    Question: How do I know how much money is left in my GothicCard Account?

    Answer: The balance is shown every time the GothicCard is used and printed on your receipt. The student may also check by stopping by the University Service Center or managing your account online.


    Question: How do I care for my GothicCard?

    Answer: Your GothicCard should be treated the same way as a credit card. To prevent erasure of the information encoded on the magnetic stripe, please do not store your card near a radio, television, tape deck, or any other electrical equipment.


    Question: Do I have to validate my GothicCard each semester?

    Answer: No, your GothicCard is valid until you separate from the University, therefore it is not necessary to get a new card or validate your card at the beginning of each semester.


    Question: Can money be withdrawn from the GothicCard?

    Answer: No, a cardholder may not withdraw funds from the Gothic Card account.



    Question: Can I access the Athletic & Fitness Center with my GothicCard?

    Answer: Students registered for the current term. Students who are not taking summer classes but are registered for the fall term, part-time faculty/staff, contract faculty/staff, alumni and family members may purchase a paid membership at the Athletic & Fitness Center or at the University Service Center. Please contact the John J. Moore Athletic and Fitness Center for further information at 201-200-2155.


    Question: How much does a replacement GothicCard cost?

    Answer: The replacement fee is $25.00 and must be paid for by cash, check or credit card at the time the card is issued.



    Question: Where do I report my Gothic Card Lost/Stolen?

    Answer: Lost/Stolen Cards should be reported immediately to the University Service Center during normal business hours at 201-200-2552. After hours, lost/stolen cards should be reported to the Public Safety Department at 201-200-3128.  Cards may be deactivated online through your account.

    Question: What if I am a student and an employee, may I have more than one GothicCard?
    Answer: No, you may obtain one card with your highest rank at the University. For example, you are an employee but are also enrolled as a part-time student, your GothicCard classification will appear as Staff.


    Question: Does the money I put on the GothicCard remain on the card from one semester to another?

    Answer: Students, Faculty & Staff account balances on their GothicAccount are carried forward from semester to semester. Residence Life Students who are on a Meal Plan must use the remaining funds on their card at the end of the Spring Semester.  


    Question: Is the information about my Gothic Card kept confidential?

    Answer: New Jersey City University will not give any information regarding your account to a 3rd party. The only persons who will be given any information regarding your account is the account holder.


    Question: I do not like my picture, can I have another one made?

    Answer: Retakes, once the card is printed, are not allowed unless the picture is unusable due to closed eyes or other similar problems. If you really must have another ID picture made, a replacement can be obtained through the lost ID process, with its normal replacement fee of $25.00.